“EB Warris, you owe teachers an apology”

This letter to The Star was sent by Ann Dawson, Marlborough Rise, Aston S36

By Diana.Stannard1
Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:46 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 8:35 am
School pupils during a lesson.
School pupils during a lesson.

I have put up with reading EB Warris's comments in The Star along with everyone else for long enough now and he seems to delight in insulting readers/writers most of the time.

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Your comments suggesting teachers including heads should take a pay cut from their generous salaries offends me on behalf of both my daughter, Assistant Headteacher and daughter-in-law, Head of School. They deserve every penny they earn and boy do they earn it. How dare you make this suggestion. They are already doing this on a daily basis when they purchase and take from home items required for the days teaching in many ways. Regularly they are out of pocket. They are in school from 7.30am in the morning until 6pm in the evening. They come home and start their school planning until 11pm if they are lucky. In between my daughter has to do all the chores a mother needs to do to prepare her young children for school the next day, ie bathing, listening to them read, spell testing etc. etc., and makes sure they are not neglected in any way. Her husband is unable to have a full time job as he is the one who takes the children to school and very often collects them at 3pm. Therefore she is the main breadwinner. Please tell me which other profession would dedicate themselves to such a job where they are working the amount of hours they do and instead of being paid overtime, be expected to take a pay cut. Bet you can't! Perhaps you should spend some length of time with teaching staff to see how their life works. They have no life outside of school until retirement, in fact at times I'm exhausted just watching the way both of them operate. They are amazing people and I would suggest you "lay off" the criticism you make of the teaching profession in future. I think you owe them all an apology but I bet you can't bring yourself to do so.