Dumping ground

Fly tipping at Fir Vale
Fly tipping at Fir Vale
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Blyde Road at Fir Vale is a regular dumping ground for rubbish as is much of the Page Hall, Fir Vale and Firth Park areas and I am sure there are many other areas too.

The problem is spreading as people see the council come in and remove it for them when they are made aware of any fly-tipping or dumping of rubbish.

On Blyde Road there are often several small items, bits of carpet etc. but at times larger items such as in this photo. This happens on a more or less weekly basis and someone nearby must know who the culprits are. Why should this happen when the majority of law-abiding people in the city get rid of their items in the proper way?

Another hotspot for rubbish dumping is on the left hand side of the Northern General Hospital as you go up Barnsley Road to Sheffield Lane Top. Just above and across from the junction of Hucklow Road is where cars are parked on a daily basis alongside an unmanaged footpath. Black sacks or other rubbish, polystyrene etc are often dumped along this path and at times inside the woodland of the hospital.

The constant need to remove this rubbish is what helps to put our council tax up, so please, if you see anyone dumping rubbish where they shouldn’t, do report it and if possible send photos.

You can report it to Environmental Health via tel. 2734567, via www.fixmystreet.com (this can be done anonymously) or emailing streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk



It got me thinking

I love the Star, which I have read for decades. My favourite pages are the letters. I feel as though I know the regular correspondents, even though we have never met, which got me thinking, on Tuesday, March 20, you published a long interview with the veteran Councillor Peter Price.

Whatever one’s political views, he has served his community with honesty, and I guess respected by most. I imagined if I was councillor for the imaginary ward or constituency of ‘Sheffield Star Letters’, and having to consider the many opinions of my community, how could I cast my ONE vote? You can’t please everyone every time! Public representatives whom we have voted in deserve our respect, even though we may disagree.



Problem estates

I read with interest several letters regarding problem areas. Ours at Lowedges/Greenhill was very bad 10-15 years ago, but with plenty of work by housing, the Lib Dems, the local Tara and the police this was sorted.

We did have a 12-month spell with Labour that was a total disaster and locals soon voted them out with a landslide defeat, so everything is back to normal now and I am grateful for the magnificent work done by Bob Pullin, Simon Clement Jones and Richard Shaw.

Several times recently it’s been great to speak to nice people who have moved to our area, but I feel sad for them in some ways having lived in the city all their lives, having to uproot because their area is so bad.

I feel lucky to have our three great councillors in our area, and I am sure there must be some good Labour ones out there, but I am yet to find one that’s fair to all groups in an area.

S Rich

Sec Greenhill/Bradway tara

Listen to the people

Regarding the proposed changes to our hospitals in Sheffield and all the meetings, telephone calls, printing, debates, pamphlets etc., which we understand have cost so much money, surely what is most important are the opinions of the Sheffield people, not the people on committees!

We have a really wonderful team in our hospitals, helped by the Walk in Centre which helps all the areas of Sheffield to cope.

Please leave things as they are already and save any more money!



Assisted dying

Will there be a law change because the island of Guernsey wants to open an assisted dying clinic? We don’t let animals suffer, they are put out of there misery and at peace sooner rather than months and months of painful suffering. If I had terminal illness I wouldn’t hesitate in making use of a clinic like this. Isn’t it time there was a serious debate about assisted dying?

Jayne Grayson

by email

No refunds

If you purchased anything from Maplin Electronics in Sheffield and it turns out to be faulty it seems it’s a bit of bad luck you are having because the company is now in administration and it appears you have little chance of a refund or replacement.

EB Warris

by email

Atkinsons online

With regard to the letter about online buying, in defence of Atkinsons they are an old-established company with a reputation for quality and personal service.

Not everyone wants to buy online, some of us prefer the personal and professional advice the store gives when you purchase an item.

On a personal note my husband worked here for many years and had made numerous friends from the customers attending the store and several colleagues who remained friends with him until his death at Christmas.

Mrs C Sharman

Orchard place, Killamarsh

What a gentleman

During the recent bad weather, I was in Gleadless Library on White Lane and I saw a City Cars taxi pull up in the icy car park.

The driver got out, escorted a lady into the doctors and then got back into his taxi.

What a gentleman!

V Windle