Don't forget

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown seems to be doing well in the polls. He is popular with women, so they say, but this the Gordon Brown who was chancellor, who took £5 billion a year from pension funds, who also agreed with Blair to invade Iraq and Afghanistan?

Saturday, 29th September 2007, 8:45 am

Is he the chap who proposed to give pensioners 75p rise one year? Is he the Scot who makes English students pay for university but not in Scotland?

Is he now leader of the party who tried to avoid the secrecy act just for MPs, who joyfully announced he had reduced the 20p tax but forgot to mention that he had knocked off the 10p level?

And what about that solemn promise to let Britain vote on that document that changes name now and then?

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They say women will vote for him. Is that because he has allowed them to work till they are 65 before they get full pension? Yet if you work for the Government you can get early retirement and a golden pension. Mind you if I was an MP I would work till I dropped dead on the job with those allowances and the top car allowance.

Ken Moody, Waterthorpe