Crimean war memorial

The Crimean war memorial at the Botanical Gdns
The Crimean war memorial at the Botanical Gdns
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The Times of April 13 reports that the 1854 statue of Queen Victoria in St George Square, Glasgow is being given a wash and brush-up.

In Sheffield the figure of Victory, (often supposed to be that of a young Victoria), part of our dismembered Crimean War Memorial, public art of the same period, languishes in plastic wrapping in the obscurity of a council store.

Not a scintilla of interest at council level in even considering it being restored to our cityscape.

Perhaps the Victorian Society could promote the petition on Change Org for this to be done?

Surely this is an issue for Sheffield’s Civic Trust to take up?

Certainly yet another issue to be championed, as I understand the meaning of the word, by our political heritage champion, Councillor Ian Saunders.

Meanwhile in Private Eye, another jibe at Sheffield Council about you know what.

This is another reason why I’ve cancelled my subscription.

A Despairing Ron Clayton


The rising price of tea

Every week I go to one of the top cloned supermarkets to buy my favourite brand of tea bags. They have always been priced at £5 a box.

This week the barcode said £8 reduced to £6, making a saving of £2. However, they’ve been £5 for as long as I can remember.

So, according to the supermarket I’m saving £2, but spending £1 more than my usual £5 for my favourite cuppa.

Can anyone tell me how I’ve saved £2 but still spent £1 more than I did last time I bought them?

I know people will say “stop moaning” and “go shop around”. However, you’ll realise ‘clones’ are the same no matter how you dress them up, especially when it comes to supermarkets. Shop local!

D Wiles


Thanks to the litter picker

I would like, through your column, to say a big thank you to the young man who, yesterday, cleared all the dreadful litter that has been around the 56 bus terminus on Raeburn Road, S14, for weeks and weeks.

I have reported it to the council along with other disgusting areas but to no avail.

Thank you again to the young man with two yellow/orange bags and a blue bin.

J Critchlow


He must work 24 hours a day

I see our top councillors have given themselves a huge pay increase.

At the same time the people at the bottom who do the work get nothing.

Chief executive John Mothersole gets £40,000 more than the Prime Minister.

He must work 24 hours a day for this amount.

Ralph Johnson


Long school holidays

When you think about the long school holidays, it is hard to think of a “full-time” teacher as anything other than a fantasy figure.

When I pull teachers’ legs over this on radio phone-ins, they often say “Poor old Max, must have had a tough time at school”.

Maybe, maybe not.

Max Nottingham


School bullies

Re: calls for action over bullying, (The Star, April 4), the bullies should be excluded with no second chances.

Treating them with kid gloves is saying their behaviour is acceptable and the headteacher who says it is an isolated incident should wake up and smell the coffee.

I work in a school and children, even in early years, can be aggressive.

I don’t agree with the police spokesman who said the little boy’s mum should take it up with the school as it happened on school grounds.

The boy has been assaulted, so I would have thought that would warrant police intervention, no matter where it took place.

Stop the world I want to get off.

K Porter


Hate crime campaign

Every day people in Sheffield with a disfigurement are subject to harassment and abuse because of how they look.

That’s why Changing Faces are launching the first ever hate crime campaign aimed at informing people with disfigurements about their rights if they are the victims of abuse.

Many people don’t even realise they can report abuse as a hate crime and far too often they simply suffer in silence.

There are on average 67,000 disability hate crimes a year, and yet only half oare reported to the police.

We want that to change.

Looking different in a society where there is such pressure to look a certain way is tough.

We want to see hate crimes that target appearance recognised and reported.

No-one deserves to suffer abuse because of the way they look, and it’s time to break the cycle of hate in our society.

This campaign which is funded by the Home Office will encourage people, along with their friends, families and any onlookers, to be able to recognise hate crimes and have the confidence and the means to report them.

We also want to see better training for the police so that they can deal with hate crimes sensitively and effectively.

Help us to break the cycle of #VisibleHate.

Speak up, speak out, together let’s stop it.

Becky Hewitt

Chief executive, Changing Faces

Spitting is the norm

Is spitting part of life these days, footballers ejecting it all over the pitch, people, especially youths, letting it fly no matter where they are.

It’s an epidemic along with jettisoning chewing gum all over the pavement, you can’t avoid it.

The only solution is to stop the sale of chewing gum, and as for spitting, you can’t win.

EB Warris