We must take responsibility for our actions and our future, says Sheffield minister

During a recent conversation with one of my daughters, she politely suggested I should keep my opinion to myself.

Sunday, 20th September 2020, 12:30 pm
Ever-changing quarantine rules for returning holiday-makers have caused confusion and distress

She didn’t have an answer when I asked her why she couldn’t respect and love me regardless of her understanding or agreement with my opinion, since she expects and receives the same from me.

In the modern world, the only opinion that counts is our own.

People make plenty of noise about freedom of speech, the right of belief and to be who ever they choose to be, but it only seems to apply to those who agree with us. Is that true freedom of speech and equality?

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The Reverend Peter McCool

We also seem to have developed the ability to complain about any and every situation without any responsibility to ourselves and our own actions.

Recently people criticised the Government for reacting to quickly enforcing quarantine to people returning from abroad.

Of course, I have great sympathy for anyone affected. However, the same people complained the Government had not been reacting quick enough and learning from our European neighbours.

I do wonder also about the responsibility anyone must carry when travelling abroad for a holiday at this time. Circumstances can and do change quickly!

The Bible tells us very clearly that there is a simple, uncomplicated way to live a good, happy and loving life.

Much like the government’s rules and guidelines, what we create as we ignore the Bible becomes complicated, confusing and creates a society far from equal, fair, tolerant or open-minded.

God tells us we have the freewill to choose how we live. He loves us enough to tells us the truth about how we live, how we should live, the results of the choices we make and then gives us the freedom to live our life as it seems right to us.

I don’t know the answers to the problems created by this pandemic, nobody does.

Despite many different opinions out there, proclaiming how wrong the government have it, and, how their answer is right. They may all be certain, but they can’t all be right!

It is easy to be wise when we don’t carry the weight of responsibility. We have a responsibility to create a loving society, live equally, respecting others view and rights. Ultimately, we hold responsibility for our own eternal future. God has shown the way to it and made it clear and simple.

His heart will break as those who chose another way bear the responsibility for their choices. Please choose the right path. Forget the noise of those who are so sure they are right and take care of your own responsibility to your own future.

There is nothing in God’s instruction that brings any harm to ay human being. Only love, dignity and respect.