There is no alternative to us showing self-discipline when it comes to Covid warns Sheffield health boss

There was always a risk that easing of lockdown measures coupled with a return to workplaces and schools would bring an increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 4:45 pm
Graham Moore, Westfield Health chairman

Indeed, this now seems to the case with recent substantial local lockdowns seemingly the precursor for national ones, however unwelcome they will be and the serious consequences for everyone.

Certainly those of us who have spent several months in self isolation can only be concerned.

Indeed, on the last day of holiday I bashed my shoulder and cut my knee and in present climate wrestled with giving it time to settle down or visiting the accident and emergency department at hospital.

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Ordinarily, I would have gone to hospital, but on this occasion will see how it is over the weekend.

The current rise in coronavirus cases post schools and more workplaces opening will be tested even more by returning students to our universities and colleges.

Let us hope the authorities are prepared for this.

However, much will rely on everybody using personal discipline or their studies will be disrupted.

There is, of course, no alternative to us showing self discipline, but it would have motivated us even more to see the testing regime operating more efficiently.

Sadly, it has been a nightmare for too many trying to book a test without success and then to find being offered one far away, such as in Bolton as my daughter was, ludicrous.

I find it quite staggering that we did not factor in a surge in demand for testing when schools, workplaces and now colleges qnd universities returned.

Everyone, I suspect, will have their own horror stories, as well as those who attended near-deserted test centres.

This is an extremely worrying time as we are on the cusp of major lockdowns detrimental to work, education and, worse, life itself.

The message now has to be to the Government to show competency in what they have to deliver and we will do what sensible people do, take charge of our own health and wellbeing and maintain the recommended disciplines.

I will ponder if and when a visit to A&E is required.