How are you feeling at the moment? I wonder if you feel either frustrated or fatigued?

Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 11:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 11:25 am
Beachgoers enjoy the sunshine as they sunbathe and play in the sea on Boscombe beach in Bournemouth, southern England, on June 25, 2020.

Frustration has been evident with pictures of crowded beaches and river banks as people just needed to get out and enjoy the weather.

Others have been crowding outside of shops desperate for some retail therapy.

There have been illegal rave parties.

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The Reverend Jonathan Haigh, of Greenhill Methodist Church, Sheffield

That unfulfilled need to get out of our homes and be with others and to feel free.

Do you feel fatigued?

I pastorally care for people and I have felt a deep weariness, wondering just how much more we can take of trying to adjust to life as this pesky virus won’t leave us alone.

My wife is a nurse and she speaks about those in the NHS who have been living on adrenaline as they continue to save lives and adjust to the care of the needs of many.

Now, though, there is a deep tiredness among staff, which can lead to low morale.

There is a realisation this is not over and there is a concern to know how to lift the morale of staff who have already given everything.

You could also say the same for teachers in schools who have given their all, adapted to a new teaching environment, but now are facing even more change as they anticipate the return of full classes next term.

Whatever your feelings are at the moment, you may feel like your resilience is running on empty and you just don’t know how much more you can take.

This is when I find my faith in God helps, because I can pray and rely on his strength to deal with whatever I am feeling and whatever I have to face next.

“The Lord gives strength to those who are weary.

“Even young people get tired, then stumble and fall.

“But those who trust the Lord will find new strength.

“They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.” Isaiah 40vs29-31

The Reverend Jonathan Haigh is a minister at Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Sheffield city centre, and Greenhill Methodist Church – see greenhillmethodistchurch.com​​​​​​​​​​​​​​