In My View: Silence is not helping the Blades lift themselves up

Although Mother Theresa said “We need silence to be able to touch souls”, perhaps silence at Bramall Lane is not helping the Blades touch the souls of their fans and also lift themselves up as the team currently rocks the bottom of the Premier League table with just 11 points after 23 games.

Monday, 15th February 2021, 11:30 am

I had never visited Bramall Lane nor have I watched an English Premier League match live at any stadium.

But I have heard and seen on television how English get behind their teams loud shouts which are sometimes deafening, as seen when Liverpool play at Anfield.

The craving to see live Premier League matches, especially the one in Sheffield where I’m currently studying ,was top of my priority regardless of the team’s position.

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Bramall Lane visit

I hear that between 15,000 to 20,000 fans throng Bramall Lane every time there is a match, but the hive of activities has suddenly become quiet and empty as football enthusiasts have had to obey the stay at home advice from the government.

Since the Coronavirus took centre stage, disrupting all schedules and activities, football just like every other endeavour had to be adjusted.

Watching a football match at the stadium comes with its own kind of excitement and drama especially when the opposing team is a close rival side.

From my S3 postcode, bus 51 was the best means of getting to the ground to experience the atmosphere with a lockdown in town.

The gate to the main entrance on Cherry street was wide open.

A few metal-plated inscriptions attached to the bar railings read: “(1973) Bramall Lane Hosts its last game of Cricket on August 7th between Yorkshire & Lancashire. Also noticeable was the other which reads “(1975) The South Stand opens on the site of the cricket field making Bramall Lane a four sided football stadium for the first time in history.”

Then came a banner hung by fans who have missed the craze of backing their team.

It says: “#LetFansIn” but unfortunately they cannot leave their home, let alone get into the arena.

Sheffield United must get their mojo back to help the fans and supporters shouting loudly from home.