Letter from the editor - 'Healthier way to live revealed by new habits of lockdown?'

Is there a possibility that we might emerge from an absolutely awful pandemic slightly healthier than we started?

Friday, 15th May 2020, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th May 2020, 1:22 pm

Lockdown has changed how we live in far more ways than just confining us to our homes.

Hands up everybody who has been on a video call for work while still wearing their pyjama bottoms, without the other callers knowing of course.

Make-up is not worth bothering with, posh dresses are confined to wardrobes and we seem to even be coping without hairdressers.

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Lockdown bakes - Steve Raven's pineapply upside-down cake is a great way to get your sweet fix.. and one of your five a day.

As for shoes, who knew we could live in slippers and trainers alone? What a revelation for all those poor feet which have been squeezed into beautiful, but not comfortable, office wear and heels for decades.

Contact lenses have been replaced by permanent glasses, perfume bottles could well be gathering dust and jewellery is only making an appearance when we are desperate to raise our own spirits. Perhaps, what we are learning is that we should focus more on keeping ourselves happy than trying to impress others? Would that be a step too far once we venture out of our homes and into the company of others again?

Children are obviously spending much more time with their parents and, even in the stressful environment of balancing school and work, that is always a good thing. Time to just enjoy each other’s company was so rare in the whirl of life before lockdown.

Even our planet has breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out that thousands of us didn’t need to be sat in traffic jams twice a day, pumping out pollution, just to be able to do our jobs. The real challenge for bosses might come when they try to get us back into the offices full-time. Haven’t we proved that there is little which can't be done from home in so many roles?

However, there are many things which we desperately need to restore to how they were before lockdown. Spending time with those we love and giving our mums a hug are top of the list. But we must also learn from the experience and make things better. We can be happy and healthy without a permanent rush and panic. Making our own food and taking time to enjoy working with ingredients is another gain. There are plenty of treats which don't involve takeaways.