'Kelham Island is the best place to eat vegetarian in Yorkshire'

Despite only coming from Leeds, Masters student Yzabelle Bostyn knew very little about Sheffield before moving here five years ago to study. Since then, she has fallen in love with the steel city and its people.

Yzabelle Bostyn.
Yzabelle Bostyn.

For her undergraduate degree, she studied English and Spanish, briefly moving to Barcelona and Peru, but Sheffield always felt like home.

She realised this when Covid hit and she was stranded 6,000 miles away in Trujillo, Peru.

Thanks to an article by The Sheffield Tab, a student-run news website, Yzabelle and her coursemates were able to return home safely.

Crookes Valley Park. Picture Scott Merrylees

This led her to begin writing and eventually apply here for a masters in journalism.

Whilst chasing up stories for her course, Yzabelle has discovered even more of the city, adding to her growing list of favourite places.

Although her love of nature often leads her to Sheffield’s many parks or the Peak District, Yzabelle also loves the city centre, Ecclesall Road and Kelham Island.

Kelham Island

Yzabelle Bostyn.

“I’ve been vegan for six years and vegetarian for 12, so I really mean it when I say that Kelham Island is one of the best places to eat veggie in Sheffield, perhaps the whole of Yorkshire.

There’s nowhere else you can get whatever cuisine you fancy, and get it vegan, whether you’re looking for junk food, Mexican or a Sunday roast. My favourite restaurants have got to be Doner Summer and the Old Workshop.”

Eccy Road

“Wandering down Ecclesall Road is one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. I love exploring all the charity shops and little independent businesses such as Sheffield Makers.

Yzabelle Bostyn.

I always make sure to visit Pom Kitchen on Sharrow Vale Road for an Instagrammable hot chocolate which I’ll have whilst walking around Endcliffe Park. A lot of students like Endcliffe Park because there are always so many cute dogs- what more could you ask for?”

Bole Hills

“I’ve always loved the Bole Hills and I’m so happy to live close to one of the best views in Sheffield.

I have so many happy memories here, but my favourite is watching fireworks go off all over Sheffield on Bonfire Night.

Living in Crookes, I always feel very lucky. When I walk home, I can see the lights from all over Sheffield and privileged to be a tiny part of this city.”

Crookes Valley Park

“I didn’t even know that there was another park hidden behind Weston Park until my second year of university but since then Crookes Valley has become one of my favourite places.

In the summer it’s the best place to chill with friends but has also been a place of solace many times I needed a moment to myself.

I find the water very calming and the blossom trees are stunning in the spring. I love bringing a good book and a coffee to read by the side of the pond.”

Division Street

Just a short walk from campus, Division Street is full of great independent coffee places and independent shops. The mochas from Steam Yard are to die for, and it's great for catching up with friends due to its no tech policy.

I also love the cosy vibes at Honey and Fig, a small, relatively new cafe just off Division Street. If you're like me and are always tempted to wander around the shops, check out the arcade below the Common Room for designer vintage, records and kawaii fashion. Division Street is generally a good area if you're into sustainable fashion as it is surrounded by vintage shops.