How does it really feel to be 52?

Togetherness is the best we can wish for this year.Togetherness is the best we can wish for this year.
Togetherness is the best we can wish for this year.
Today is my birthday, I’ve reached the unremarkable age of 52, so it isn’t a great milestone, and being in lockdown and also being at work this weekend, the celebrations, such as they are, will be very muted.

February 13 is not a great birth date to be stuck with. Nobody ever really wants to come out and party because they have got Valentine’s Day the next day.

It could always be much, much worse though. I can only begin to imagine how much of a pain in the bum it must be to have your birthday fall on Christmas Eve, Day or Boxing Day

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How does it feel to be 52? Honestly? Physically I’m feeling my age.

I need to get a bit of timber off the old trunk, my aches and pains have their own aches and pains, and I take so many tablets to keep my mind and body ticking over that I sound like a pair of maracas whenever I move.

In my mind though, I feel the same as I always have felt. I still have all the hopes and dreams that I had when I was 18, 21, 30, 40 and 50.

I believe that, however horrible the world may seem right now, people are inherently good. They just want to live in safety, and good health, and see their families do the same.

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I never aspired to all the trappings of wealth, I have never desired a huge house in the country, or a ridiculous sports car.

To be fair, the thought of trying to squeeze my ample frame behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini does not bear consideration, and they are so low, I’d need a crane to get me back out again.

I hope that as a race, we’re reaching a point where we realise that we are damaging the planet, and each other, and that the things that are really important are not the material things.

What we need most, crave most and, at the moment, miss most, are the things that cost nothing: caring, consideration, love and respect for our nearest and dearest, spending time together and showing each other how much we care.

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So on my very unremarkable birthday, I wish all of you a splendid Valentine’s, Palentine’s or Galentine’s day, a better year than last, good health, safety, love and happiness.

Here’s to you all, my loves and friends.

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