Five Top Tips: Here’s some tips for how to enjoy a healthier Easter…

Easter is often associated with sweet treats and it’s fine to enjoy these in moderation – but it’s also important to still look after our body and mind.
Get your day off to a cracking start!Get your day off to a cracking start!
Get your day off to a cracking start!

So here’s some tips for how to enjoy a healthier Easter…

1. Get your day off to a cracking start!

Eggs are traditional Easter fare so why not have a (non-chocolate!) egg for breakfast? They’re cheap, versatile and full of goodness!

Avoid frying your egg in fat or adding butter to your scrambled eggs, and poach or boil them instead to keep the saturated fat down.

2. Say it without chocolate

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Why not brighten yours or someone else’s day with a bunch of daffodils instead?

You could also have hot cross buns instead of chocolate and, for the children, decorate hard-boiled eggs for an Easter egg hunt rather than handing over chocolate eggs.

3. Get active

Make the most of the spring sunshine and go for a family walk. Quickening your pace will help you increase your heart rate and count towards your daily recommendation of moderate intensity physical activity.

If you prefer to stay at home, plan an egg-and-spoon race in the garden for the whole household to get involved in.

4. Stock up on healthy snacks

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Make sure you have a variety of snacks available during Easter, including fresh fruit and vegetables, unsalted nuts, and wholegrain crackers.

Variety is key and too much of anything, even chocolate eggs, can get tiresome.

5. Pick dark, cocoa-rich chocolate eggs

No one wants you to have a completely chocolate-free Easter so switching to dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage can be helpful.

Quality dark chocolate contains cocoa flavanols which can help with circulation and can benefit heart health. As dark chocolate is very rich, you need a smaller portion too, saving money as well as calories!

Here’s to a happy and healthy Easter!

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