Five Top Tips: For the best bargains try food shopping later in the day

With the rising cost of food (and heating and fuel and seemingly everything else!), this week’s five top tips focus on savvy shopping and budget cooking to help you watch those pennies:
Use your Lid!Use your Lid!
Use your Lid!

1. Shop Later in the Day

For the best bargains, you could try food shopping later in the day (ideally an hour or so before closing time, or at about 7pm in 24-hour stores).

The shop just wants to get rid of all those items that are nearly out of date… so keep your eyes peeled for those yellow 'reduced' stickers!

2.Try Cheaper Brands

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Don't believe the hype. Supermarkets say finest - (costliest?) – is best but you could save money by buying cheaper brands than you normally do.

There's not always much difference in taste between value and premium ranges.

Give it a go and let your taste buds be the judge, not the shiny label.

3.Use your Lid!

Start saving money and the planet long before you even plate up!

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When boiling water, if you pop a lid on your pan you can cook more efficiently, keeping the water hot without having to turn up the heat.

This can save about 3% in energy costs, per pan!

4. Cook from Scratch

A home cooked meal is a more affordable alternative to ready meals or takeaways. It is healthier too as the latter often contain high levels of fat, salt and sugar.

You may have to put a bit more time and effort in but cooking from scratch will save you money – and your health!

5. Don’t Shop Hungry!

If you shop on an empty stomach, you’re likely to buy far more than you need.

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The food and smells will get your taste buds tingling and you’ll end up putting too much in your trolley.

You’ll spend more, waste more and buy unhealthy food like crisps and sweets so save your money, the planet and your health by avoiding the supermarket when you’re feeling peckish!

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