Favourite Things: Steve put Meadowhall on the map... literally

Steve Molloy and friends.Steve Molloy and friends.
Steve Molloy and friends.
New dad Steve Molloy literally put Meadowhall on the map in his first job out of university.

The Sheffield Hallam University graduate joined search engine king Google, where his role as a field operations lead included refining Google Maps in more detail for online users.

One of his initial projects was Meadowhall Shopping Centre but he also worked around the world, often on solo missions without speaking the native tongue.

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Steve, who is a business and operations management graduate, said: “Meadowhall and The Trafford Centre were among my first assignments at Google.

The Fat Cat on Alma Street, Kelham Island.The Fat Cat on Alma Street, Kelham Island.
The Fat Cat on Alma Street, Kelham Island.

“It was about mapping the whole centres to show people looking online where the best places to park are and what was the fastest route to certain shops.”

After leaving the fast-paced world of Google and travelling around America for a while Steve worked in home removals during the Covid-19 pandemic and then as a logistics manager.

Now the 31-year-old is charting a new career with Woodseats integrated digital agency Hydra Creative.

He is their brand new senior sales and account executive.

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Steve, who joined the team in June this year, said: “My experience is a big part of what I bring to Hydra, I have a lot of training and experience.

“I like to think that because I’ve been a manager and handled a high level of pressure I can be a calm presence too.

“I’ve also got a good network of contacts who have a lot of influence.”

Steve lives in Chapeltown with his partner and their baby daughter.

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For more details on Hydra, which has Sheffield clients including William Cook and Places Gym, visit www.hydracreative.com


I did so much walking when I was working for Google, you would easily notch up 20,000 steps a day and be walking all day from 7am.

With a project like Meadowhall or a shopping centre you would be mapping around 100 shops in two days, it was intense.

Now I still love to head out and walk wherever I am, it just becomes a habit that is hard to get out of your system. We do like to try quite a lot of walks in the Peak District as a family.

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About a month ago we did a really wonderful one that ended up in Youlgreave, and I always like to walk around Matlock.

It’s all that fresh air and being in nature which appeals to me.


This restaurant located down in Kelham Island is really a ten out of ten. The food is amazing and I think the family is actually from Sardinia, you get that incredible service and authentic food.

If you go to a British-run Italian restaurant and then to Domo you really will notice the difference.


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Kelham Island is where I like to go for a drink, if I get time, which can be difficult with a new baby. I like visiting a traditional pub.

When we go for a walk in the Peak District it’s always great to stop for a pint, I like a pint of ale. If we get the chance to go down Kelham Island I will also have a rum and ginger or a rum and Coke.


My other half is a Sheffield Wednesday fan all the way and I am a Manchester United fan. I bought my little one a Manchester United onesie recently and it really hasn’t gone down well… we’ve got a bit of a power struggle going on at the moment!


This part of north Sheffield where I live has a wonderful community vibe to it, but I’d never heard of it until about six months before we moved there.

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Strangely enough there are three people I went to primary school with in New Mills in the High Peak now living in the same area so we get together and play pool.

What’s even more strange is that one of them also used to work at Google. It’s that very typical ‘Sheffield is a village’ cliche which has come to life in my backyard.


One of my first tasks at Hydra will be coming up with their new sales strategy, pushing our services forward and in the future looking after some clients too.

I feel really good about joining Hydra, especially because of the culture they have where everybody’s input is valued.

That was very important to me.