Column: Redundancy: it's not the end of the world!

Redundancy: its not the end of the world!Redundancy: its not the end of the world!
Redundancy: its not the end of the world!
Last year I was made redundant for the third time in four years.

The first time it happened I just wanted to cry all the time, wondering how I was going to afford the bills/mortgage payments.

I kept thinking I’ll never find another job as I’d applied for so many and wasn’t getting anywhere. Then, seven weeks before redundancy date, I was head-hunted to work for a large financial institution (something I’d never done before).

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All of a sudden I was a lot happier about my approaching redundancy, especially as I was receiving a £7k pay rise as well.

When the second redundancy came around, I didn’t feel quite as bad this time. I’d made some great contacts and built strong working relationships with people around me.

In the meantime, I’d also in had another pay rise and worked in a role two grades above my previous role, so I’d managed to pick up some fantastic skills and earned credibility.

I managed to secure another role before I actually became redundant and I had a nice two month break before starting the next role.

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Eight months later I found myself being made redundant yet again. I’d applied for countless vacancies internally but, because there were so many redundancies, I was up against a very large number of people. I was, however, getting interviews – something a few of my team were not getting.

In the run-up to redundancy date (there was no pay-out as I’d not been there two years) I was allowed to use some of my work time for sourcing other external roles. At this point in time I wasn’t upset at all about the redundancy. In fact I was looking forward to it!

I decided enough was enough this time. I re-trained in a totally new area to me - web design and development. Iand I decided to look into setting up my own business. It was highly unlikely I would make myself redundant!

I searched the Internet, looking for help and guidance in this area, and this was where I found all sorts of free workshops I could attend locally via the Chamber. I attended as many as I could, including networking events.

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I’ve made some great contacts and also some new friends who understand the step into the unknown – self employment. We support and help each other along the way.

I also made sure I took advantage of free training Google offers through their Digital Garage programme, through which I’ve earned myself Fundamentals of Digital Marketing qualification.

I’ve created my own website and even started writing a blog, something I never thought I could do, and also something about which I thought “why would people want to read about me”?

Now I’ve realised I have a great deal to offer, which I am now offering through face-to-face group workshops.

To me this has been a great adventure ... and it’s only just starting.

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