The answer to life’s problems, challenges and fears is simple, says Sheffield pastor

As we prepare to go away for our first real trip in our campervan, wouldn’t you know, we have developed a problem with the exhaust.

Sunday, 6th September 2020, 12:30 pm
Some things are best left to the expert, says the Reverend Peter McCool

Like many people of my generation, we can just about remember when a person could tinker with cars and do some work ourselves.

Of course, we all have things in life we try to do on our own.

Often it can be frustrating as we wonder why our ideas haven’t worked out. Or, perhaps, we have spent hours, or longer, on a problem, realised it wasn’t working and taken it to an expert.

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The Reverend Peter McCool

How silly do we feel when they have the problem solved in no time, effortlessly?

The world is in a period of time where many, if not most, are living with frustrations, anxieties and fears. We are uncertain of the future.

The answer to the problems of this world are simple and easy to apply – at least, that is what we are told by many people who all have different ideas of how to make the world a better place, but this, of course, only makes things more confusing and frustrating.

But the answer is simple...

We have an expert, we know this because His instruction manual is simple if only we would learn to follow it properly. That is, not adjusting it and reinterpreting it to suit our own idea, agenda or circumstances – like the many problems we face in life, when we try this, we make matters worse.

Jesus showed true and untainted love when he gave his life for everyone. He never asked anything of anyone.

He simply called everyone to repent, that is to turn away from the complicated systems that man had made and turned God’s simple instructions into.

He asks us to turn back to the simple and easy way. God’s commandments show his one and only agenda. Peace for everyone and love for all people.

Every one of those commandments lead us to a life we long to have and take away all divisions in humanity, the fears and anxieties we create.

When we wander away from the instructions, we create the world we have. That is why we have an unequal, unfair society with everyone trying to fix it with their own ideas.

God is not about groups, race, ethnicity or gender. He is about love; we need to let everything else go and return to the simple truth of the expert.

The Reverend Peter McCool is pastor at South Sheffield Church, Greenhill Parkway, Lower Bradway.