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Some 18 months ago, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom promised a 100% emissions reduction to keep the UK on track with its obligations under the 2015 Paris “climate accord.”

No country can reduce C02 by 100%; it is nonsense to try. To reduce to this level will mean kissing goodbye to all of our manufacturing industry, which other countries will gratefully accept with open arms.

Professor King, the Government’s former chief scientist, is now backing a preliminary legal action by the campaigning group ‘Plan B’, to argue that Business Secretary Greg Clark is obliged under the act to tighten targets if the science shows it is needed. Jonathan Church of ‘ClientEarth’ said “That the focus now is to ensure that the Climate Change Act fulfils its purpose.” The Paris accord cannot achieve anything; it was and is a fraud and a fake.

For years the propagandists have jumped on any “extreme weather event” as proof of climate change, from heatwaves to floods only for proper historical data then to show that not one of them was unprecedented. Pretty well all of the top 20 C02-emitting nations, apart from the US and Europe intend significantly to increase their emissions, regardless of anything that Paris was meant to be about. China, the largest emitter intends to double them, India the third largest, to treble them; by 2030 emissions will have risen by 50%.

The sooner that all this clap-trap about “man-made climate change” is put to one side the better.

A Kennedy

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Gutted by the result

As an Owls fan I was gutted by the result on Sunday but I have to say that Dave Brooks was brilliant and in only his second first team outing.

My point is, if has it’s said he’s 20 but only looks 16 yet can be man of match why is George Hirst not playing?

He is an England international and won the match ball by scoring a hat trick for England. Why is he not playing?

Does this manager know what he’s doing?

A very angry Owl, hoot hoot.

CWB Beck

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Carlos and the £20 stunt

Re: the press conference by Carlos Carvalhal post the defeat to Sheffield United, I am please to see him really annoyed and it goes a little way as to him knowing how we Wednesday fans are hurting.

As for the £20 stunt, not impressed, the bank of SWFC gave the fans the £20 note at the start of the match by the end governors of the SWFC bank due to an unexpected downturn in fortunes had to devalue the pound so the fans found the £20 was now only worth £15 and we have been short changed but the players are not affected as their £20 stayed protected.



Bosses at the RSPCA

Looking at the title of this charity, many people will be thinking about how the RSPCA helps these poor felines... well think again.

Just been watching the box when the obligatory charity ad appeared, this one is for the RSPCA who want us to give them £3 a month to help the poor starving, injured and neglected animals it shows. But look deeper and you find the head of the charity, Mr Gavin Grant, earns between £150,000 to £160,000 a year closely followed by two others who are earning approx £150,000 and £130,000.

Just imagine how many £3 donations have to be sent by ordinary working people who really can’t afford to pay £3 every month to keep these fat cats in the manner they are accustomed.

When Mr Grant first took over the post he was accused as being “brazenly greedy” for getting an estimated 45% increase in salary on the previous boss of the charity, this is at a time when donations are falling.

Another case of “Charity begins at home” and you can bet your life it’s a very, very, very nice house as the song goes.

Dave M

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All that glitters...

After a resounding defeat against the Blades in the derby game and defeat at Birmingham a few days later, no doubt there are those with sharpened knives ready for another management casualty at Sheffield 6.

When United took the field in their red and white stripes on Sunday they looked like a team buoyed up and aware of their heritage. As for Wednesday? Well, if you can’t be bothered to embrace your traditional kit in a derby game then what message does that send to a player not from these fair hills? (And no, the current mish-mash Owls kit is hardly a nostalgic replica from seasons 1965-72 either. That had a lot of class to it).

But as talk now fills the airwaves of ‘Football Heaven’ on BBC Radio Sheffield as to whether poor under-fire Carlos should continue to steer Sheffield Wednesday toward hoped-for success, let’s just ask what we mean by ‘success’. The question applies just as much to the Blades as to the Owls.

With the FA and League Cups now seemingly downgraded to niggling interruptions in the seasons of Premier League clubs protecting their El Dorado of dosh, what kind of ‘success’ can you expect if you do get in there and feed at the Premier League trough?

The club owners, agents and players will certainly be happy. Overjoyed. But what about the paying fans? Unless millions are spent on foreign players in a vain effort to buy and keep buying off-the shelf-quality, expect to join the majority of PL clubs desperately clinging in there by providing fixture fodder - and little else - for the ultimate benefits of a small coterie of ultra-wealthy, (mostly foreign owned), clubs. Of course you’ll be expected to pay out top-dollar to watch this fayre and as for the concept of winning silver-ware through long-term youth and reserve team development programmes, astute team management and, yes, honouring contracts, forget it.

More knowledgeable voices will no doubt argue differently but as a football fan for over fifty years, I rue the day the Premier League and its inevitable consequences for the English game, (at league and international level), ever came into existence.

S Soul

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You couldn’t make it up

I read your report last week regarding the Minor Injuries Unit. There are proposals to close the MIU at the Hallamshire and move it to The Northern General.

The NHS walk-in centre on Broad Lane could also be moved to the Northern General and the eye centre at the Hallamshire is to be scaled back and will only see emergency cases.

Dr Tim Moorhead talked about “improving access to urgent health care for people across the city” and another quote was “people will be able to get the care they need as close to home as possible”.

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Mike Cox