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I read last week in The Star and the local newspaper I receive in Stocksbridge that St Matthew’s Church on Manchester Road in the town had plans for two community initiatives.

This has come following talk of the Church being developed for flats or housing.

St Matthew’s is a very attractive building, a place that has been important to the people of Stocksbridge for as long as I have lived here.

I was born in the 1960s.

I would love to see the Church remain, but a place that is for the good of the community in this valley would be a welcome alternative.

Craig Minto

Sheffield, S36

Genoa bridge collapse

The recent tragedy in Italy demonstrates how being in the Euro is no guarantee of economic stability.

There was no money for infrastructure projects apparently .

How has the Italian economy benefited from being a member of the Eurozone?

The clarion call of all remainers is that austerity has held us back.

Yet memories are very short on Ms Merkles’ solution to the Greek economic breakdown. I believe her solution for Greece was severe austerity, take it or leave it.

Does anyone think that should we have joined the Euro that back in 2008 the German solution to our woes would have been any different?

Thank God that we are leaving this failing vanity project.

I expect a few people in Italy are wondering what exactly the benefits have been to them.

I wonder what the record youth unemployed in France think about the benefits of the single market to them?

Gary Speck

Dobcroft Ave, Millhouses

No excuse for buses

What excuse?

There’s next to no traffic at 5am and still the buses don’t turn up.

Sue Sutton

Sheffield, S14

Grandeur of the Universe

It was so nice to see a photograph of the moon in the Your Say section of today’s Star, which was sent in by Mark Colley.

I often look up into the sky to see if the moon is visible.

I always feel a bit of comfort when I see it.

It suggests the grandeur of the Universe while at the same time remaining a local, loyal friend.

The moon is always there to inspire us and provide comfort, even if we can’t always see it.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

Drugs are not the answer

First spice was everywhere now the new drug on the block is monkey dust.

It’s called that as when you take it it makes you invincible – you could climb a tree or up on the roof hence like a monkey.

The dealers are selling it for only two quid a hit, pretty shocking.

I am no goody two shoes but I have never taken a drug in my life. Where does it get you, except on the road to addiction and a wasted life?

Drugs are always bad news, never try them.

Life can have its ups and downs but turning to these chemicals is not the answer.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Taken to heart

I thank CM Langan for her excellent letter, “He may not survive his year in office”, Star, July 28 and for her explanation regarding the intention of her July 17 letter.

I agree with her comments about Lord Mayor Magid Magid overstepping his political neutrality mark when he entreated the public, “Do not kiss a Tory”. The writer’s views are in marked contrast to those of J Robin Hughes who recently asserted in the Star that Magid’s role should not be neutral, he should publicly express an act of conscience opinion, and that he is legally obliged to do so.

I fully share and endorse CM Langan’s personal sentiments about Magid. I have only met the gentleman once and I was very impressed with his friendly approachable manner, his obvious wish to empathise with the Sheffield community, and for his youthful exuberance shown at our meeting.

He certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the role, it would be a shame if his “tongue in cheek” public utterances were to bring about his Mayoral downfall.

I hope Magid can take on board the divided reaction of the people of Sheffield since you have taken office.

Think about where you may be going wrong, based on established Mayor/councillor tradition and convention.

Strike a happy balance between your personal interpretation of the role and of the original concept, and serve your full term of office leaving a beneficial legacy to the Sheffield community who hopefully have all taken you to their heart by then.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

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