Bus changes, no joke for us

Bus services in the Ecclesfield area need to reverse back to where they were.

Monday, 7th December 2015, 6:22 am
city centre buses

The elderly and disabled cannot get to Morrisons because of the removal of the no79 Stagecoach, which was their lifeline, because it took you to the door and back. As it is now, they have further to walk and end up elsewhere.

Also the numbers 53, 97, 98, 75 and 35 need to be re-instated because people rely on these services.

Early-morning workers cannot get to work at Meadowhall beacuse they have changed the 35 route, which took them there. Please put these routes back to normal. They should have left them as they were.

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Now the buses are frequently missing, out of use, or late turning up.

Get them back to how they were.

It’s no joke when you are standing in the cold and buses are missing. Please put the 35 route on to come down Monteney Road for the early workers and if possible, minus school kids.

Mo Beal