Burngreave Sheffield: Is it a frightening place to live in?

Burngreave is often seen as a major hotspot of serious crime, but is the community really just about fear, crime and isolation?

Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 2:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 7:49 pm

It is one of the most multicultural areas in Sheffield, with most of the population born in a foreign country but it has a reputation of being a daunting place to live with the stereotype of crime-riddled streets.

But for those who tend to look a little deeper there is plenty of evidence of a thriving, close-knit community with proof to show that Burngreave is not a frightening place to be.

I’ve lived in Burngreave all my life and it is an exceptionally diverse and cosmopolitan part of the city, considered by most who live there to be a friendly and safe place.

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With nearly 600,000 residents, Sheffield is one of the most populous districts in England and like any large city, it is not completely crime free and will always have its ups and downs.

However, the city has been named the safest large city in the UK, and this includes the smaller areas such as Burngreave – thanks to the initiative Safe Sheffield.

Knowing that your safety is guaranteed is what everyone would love and as a young female whose path cuts through the Burngreave area while walking home late at night I’ve never felt safer. Burngreave thrives when the sun goes down. People are everywhere exchanging smiles and waves, which makes me feel happy and at peace when walking, whether it be dawn or dusk.

It is also known by many in the area to be a close-knit community, where everybody knows one another and with community hubs each contributing in their own unique ways to make Burngreave a better place live for the younger generations to come.

You can find Reach Up Youth, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, Burngreave Children’s Centre, Element Society and the Rock Christian Centre which all strive to promote the growth and wellbeing of youngsters.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground has the best playground in the country, according to the 12th Annual Playwork Awards.

Reach Up Youth has also done its fair share of community work to make Burngreave shine. Two projects named Big Brother Burngreave and Sisterhood keep boys and girls away from violent crime and teach them how to protect themselves if a situation ever comes to light.

Burngreave also has a great night-life and day time presence with popular Spital Hill restaurants serving national dishes from almost every country on the planet – it means you never have to go to the same place twice.

Head to Kurdistan resturant if you fancy Middle Eastern cuisine. Fancy a great kebab – Shaz has got you covered. Are you looking for the best vegan burger? You can find them in Meez.

Or if you’re looking to go for a family meal, Mangla has you covered.

And for those who are struggling, Burngreave Foodbank is just one of the groups there to help, providing emergency food and support.

Supported by a nationwide network of food banks, together they provide aid of all kinds and proudly campaign for change to end the need for such provision in the UK.

Daunting, isolating and frightening?

Not to me.

The close-knit community of Burngreave has so many more positive and often unseen sides to offer.