Bombs will be recruiting tool

I write with great sadness at the decision of Parliament to launch air strikes against ISIS, which will only lead to more bloodshed, violence and killing and a rise in the profiteering of the arms industry.

Monday, 7th December 2015, 6:24 am

Since 9/11 the years of war and terror in many parts of the world, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, have only led to more instability, violence and chaos, and can this cycle of terror be stopped by more bombing?

The population of the area which ISIS controls consists of a very small percentage of fighters, so what is the logical sense in bombing infrastructure which the common civilians are in need of?

Surely this will be more of a recruiting tool for the evil murdering ISIS, which has absolutely nothing to do with any religion whatsoever, and this seemingly common link found in sectors of society between the true peaceful Islam and this evil group is redundant.

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Imam Arshad

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