Better spend for our own benefit

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

In her “From the editor” column, Star, January 16, Nancy Fielder perfectly sums up the sorry Brexit situation that this country has found itself in following Mrs May’s record defeat in Parliament on her draft EU Withdrawal agreement.

She largely and quite rightly lays the blame at the door of our elected representatives for their mishandling of the outcome of the 2016 Referendum.

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These MPs did not feel able to take a withdrawal decision on our behalf and passed that task to the people via a National Referendum. Prime Minister David Cameron and the Government promised to abide by the result of the referendum and carry out the wishes of the majority electorate. 17.4 million voted to leave with a majority of c 1.4 million, and many did so in the belief of a straightforward exit – no deals to be negotiated.

Following a Brexit vote against all expectations, rather than honouring his Government’s pledge, Mr Cameron promptly jumped ship, resigned as Prime Minister and MP and left Mrs May to pick up the pieces.

These “politicians” having originally felt unable to deal with the stay or leave question, have now miraculously decided that they know what is best for the nation, that the electorate did not know what it was voting for, and that they should now decide our future for us.

What a hypocritical bunch of elected supposedly democratic representatives they have become.

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I full agree with Nancy when she urges all MPs to work together to carry out the democratic wish of the people to get us out of the EU on March 29,either with a favourable deal or no deal, in which case we can take up our World Trade Organisation option and save our country £39 billion – to better spend for our own benefit .