Amazing about face by any politician

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Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Paul Blomfield in his December 21, 2018 Star article ‘Country deserves better than choice of May’s deal or no deal’ speaks with authority as the Labour Shadow Brexit Minister.

I fully agree with his acknowledgement of the current serious situation in Parliament, but respectfully remind him that this chaos has arisen in no small part due to the decision of a large majority of MPs of all parties pre-2016 referendum, to pass the vote to the people because they did not feel able to take such an important decision on their behalf in this constitutional matter.

Having abrogated their responsibilty and agreed to abide by the majority will of the electorate, many of those same MPs have now decided that as the result did not meet their own personal choice of remaining, they have taken it upon themselves to seek to overule the democratic vote of 17.4 million leavers by sabotaging Brexit. They arrogantly assert that all Brexiteers did not know what they were voting for or the consequences of leaving – with the implied assumption that the remain voters did understand what was going on.

Great emphasis has been placed on getting a suitable Brexit leaving deal, resulting in the current EU draft deal which Mrs May has put before Parliament – which has met with overwhelming disapproval and concerns among colleagues of all parties. Paul Blomfield and all Remainers should be aware that the original ballot paper gave a choice of remain in or leave the EU. There was NO option for what type of leaving deal the electorate would prefer – the choice was in or out and a majority 1.4 million voters elected to leave – FULL STOP.

I agree with him that Mrs May has brought this current situation upon herself by repeatedly telling the people that no deal was better than a bad deal but is now saying that her EU deal is the best for everyone and if we do not agree there will/could be no Brexit – an amazing about face by any politician!

I will not debate the points for remaining raised by Paul because they can be countered by equally or more valid reasons for leaving. Suffice to say that as the Labour Party Shadow Brexit Minister, he should be setting an example to his fellow MPs that Parliamentary democracy should be observed and the will of the people carried out – even though he and his colleagies have now decided that they are miraculously capable of taking full Brexit responsibility back upon themselves.