All in a stew over swedes and turnips

Linda Mary Luke

Monday, 18th February 2019, 05:52 am
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 05:57 am

Kettwig, Germany

The debate on turnip or swede continues, at least it gets us off the topic of Brexit thank God.

Re letters, turnip or swede, to be fair to Vin Malone I'm sure he's from my generation, and it was the norm to ask for a turnip back in our days for his stew.

We didn't have a choice back then, no fancy swedes around.

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I'm sure if anyone back then asked for a swede on the market the response would have been 'whats that luv '.

Hash was a thick soup, all left overs thrown in.

If you were lucky a tin of corned beef, tatties, turnip and carrots, plenty of Henderson's relish, yummy yummy.

Stew was made with meat, carrots, turnip.

Meat was expensive back in my days, we had to make do with good old Yorkshire pudding whipped up with silver top milk.

Lard was put in a pan in the oven until it was blue hot.

Then in went the pudding sizzling with the heat.

It was always served separate with plenty of gravy.

God I miss my nans pudding!

Maybe we should start an old Sheffield food hot line.

Bring back our heritage that way, so that the younger generation know what the hell were talking about.