All in a stew over swedes and turnips!

Cyril Olsen

Monday, 25th February 2019, 06:00 am
Updated Monday, 25th February 2019, 06:07 am
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

In response to M Durkin's letter, Enough is enough, Star, February 16, I respectfully advise him/her that in the matter of campaigning and/or supporting a successful Brexit, the more people that speak up for democracy and freedom from EU membership the better, this includes correspondence to the Star newspaper.

Yes, my main theme has been pro-Brexit but I have written many other letters on various topics of readers interest and may even get involved in the latest subject for the Star Letter, All in a stew over swedes and turnips!

 I make this comparison to Brexit as an example of the fairness of the Star editorial team in publishing letters at their discretion, of topics which they feel will be of general interest to their readers. I am not alone in discussing Brexit and this is reflected in the many letters printed about the matter. In defence of my allegedly excessive input M Durkin, the Referendum decision to leave the EU is the biggest constitutional, economic and social welfare associated issue to be voted on by the British people for many years. The choice was given to us by the writer's "experts" our elected Parliament representatives who felt unable to deal with such an important subject on our behalf. They have so far made such a pigs ear of "leave", as on the ballot paper with no deals mentioned, that to now suggest leaving it to the experts and for the public to take an implied back seat is I suggest highly irresponsible and damaging to our future. The only knowledge that I have on Brexit is that which is available to everyone who has followed the Remain and Leave campaigns. We all have the opportunity to consider both sides of the coin and use our common sense to make an individual decision which may include frequent writing to the Star.

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Everyone to their own taste, if M Durkin prefers reading/writing about swedes and turnips than to our country's Brexit future that is their democratic prerogative.