“Alan Partridge. Sorry… Richard Madeley” – Star Readers discuss whether Piers Morgan should be replaced

It’s been two days since Piers Morgan left the Good Morning Britain set for the last time and many people are not happy, while on the otherhand some seem to be quite delighted. Whatever your views on the TV presenter and his approach to things, he certainly left his mark… but who is best person to replace him?

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 5:06 pm

We asked our readers who they felt should replace the outspoken TV presenter and this is what they had to say:

Wendy Oldale says; “I am a fan of Piers Morgan he says things that others think but don't dare say but on this occasion he definitely overstepped the line ( my opinion)!”

Iris Nicholls thinks a refresh may be in order; “I think that they should change all the presenters on the show, give it a complete overhaul, well needed.”

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Piers Morgan returns to his home in Kensington, central London, the morning after it was announced by broadcaster ITV that he was leaving as a host of Good Morning Britain. Picture date: Wednesday March 10, 2021. PA Photo. The presenter stormed off the set of the news programme on Tuesday following a heated discussion with his colleague, Alex Beresford, about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. See PA story SHOWBIZ Morgan. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

And Janice Savage Marples doesn’t seem too chuffed; “Bring him back, l will not be watching it if he is not coming back. Best one on there it is so boring when he is not on. The only one that speaks the truth.”

Michelle Webster is also not too pleased by the news, saying; “I won’t be watching it again I thought this was the only country we still had freedom of speech and piers has a right to his opinion so should we all.”

Pete Brown added his two pence, simply and to the point; “He was good and held people to account but unfortunately he crossed the line - so move on!!!”

Kathryn Houlding thinks this is all temporary; “I think he’ll be back when it all calms down, the ratings will plummet and we will see different presenters come and go because let’s face it!!! He was good, he’s ex tabloid and doesn’t care what people think or feel... that’s what made him good....he asked the questions the others on there daren’t because of all the political correct d**ks out there... I for one found him a level balance on there and if the BBC don’t snap him up themselves more fool them” — well… there you go then.

Samantha Drennan was taking no prisoners with her response; “I would love to see piers back but through principle he should tell them where to shove it the show is rubbish with out him, do your own morning tv show piers.”

Dan Prutton is saying it exactly how he sees it; “I don’t care!! He shouldn’t return!! After saying how mental health should be made aware of after Caroline Flack died, and now Meghan Markle IS talking , he doesn’t like it and rips her for it!! Well done to Alex Beresford for ripping Piers to shreds!!”

Claire Winterbottom seems to want to stick the boot in a little, saying; “I think Jeremy Clarkson. Lol.”

Meanwhile, Vicky Colley believes that a changing of the guard entirely would be the best idea; “Hope it's not Ben Shepard or Richard Madeley, Adil Ray would be my choice.”

Peggy Brownell definitely wasn’t a fan; “Good the gobby man has gone this morning will be better off with out him.”

And Helen Cullen Charlesworth thinks it will be a BIG loss; “Ratings will go down now he's gone… despite the controversy about Megan and Harry, everyone has got a voice to say what they think it feel. I like piers Morgan, he was straight to the point in a lot of issues, especially when dealing with the govenment. I'd like to see him back.”

Keith Williams said that; “It needs to be someone equally obnoxious so how about Nigel Farage, Jeremy Kyle or Jacob Rees-Mogg?”

Christine Morris said; “Bring him back, thought we prided ourselves on free speech?” and Lynn Yates replied with; “free speech until its thrown back at him, then it's a different story. Don't give it if you can't take it.”

Rose Harrison is completely oblivious to the charms/quirks of Piers and she said; “I've never watched it, but Stephen Dixon from Sky is very under-used. I think he's great” and Stephen Porter just wants; “Someone who doesn't storm off in a hissy when challenged.”

Joe Holland would quite like; “Charlie Stayt with a longer leash than BBC give him.”

Alison Clack is utterly bereft however, saying; “I only watched it for Piers Morgan. He made the show” — he certainly was not afraid to ask tough questions of politicians during this pandemic.

Kelly Johnson wasted no time getting straight to the point; “No! I think he should stop getting the publicity he so obviously wants because he’s had another paddy he wants to grow up” — fair enough.

Kram Nala Ddot would prefer; “Alan Partridge. Sorry...... Richard Madeley. Far more entertaining” and Mel Machin said; “I do not believe you can replace Piers.” Meanwhile, Craig Williams (and quite a few others) said that; “They should offer it to Meghan”.

One surprise suggestion but also quite the divisive character himself was Frankie Boyle, championed by Michael Frank, who said; “the Tory cowards would be praying for Morgan to return.”

It’s safe to say the discussion was fairly divided… with around 50% wanting Piers Morgan to return to the show, alongside many suggestions for the likes of Richard Madeley, Jeremy Clarkson, Adil Ray and Alan Partridge, amongst others who I haven’t mentioned here. If you’d like to read exactly how people felt about the topic you can check out the discussion here. If you like.