A barrier to peace

HOW many South Yorkshire MPs support the export of UK arms to Israel?

These are used to oppress and kill Palestinian civilians and children, many of whom were shot in the back of the head.

People no longer believe Israeli disinformation and propaganda, that all such civilian victims of the Israeli army were 'terrorists'.

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Indeed, many would call the Israeli army 'war criminals', including Israeli and Jewish human rights groups.

The training of British police by Israeli assassins to shoot 'terrorists' several times in the back of the head - to stop them detonating their belt bombs - has led to Israeli-style executions and assassinations without trial taking place on British streets and subways (even a judge in a British court no longer demands capital punishment). Israeli tacticts, used daily in the Gaza concentration camp and the West Bank Sowetos against Palestinian families, do not work on British streets.

The UK has no legal nor moral grounds to support Israel. Israel remains in defiance and violation of over 450 UN resolutions to withdraw its troops back inside its legal, internationally recognised borders.

Israel is a racist, military and apartheid state, an expensive strategic liability to its main supporter, America. It is no argument for Israel to ignore, slander and defame all her critics as "anti semites". Is this the only reply Israel has to her critics? No one wants to gas all the jews again. We do want Israel to live in peace and obey international law and respect the UN and her own legal borders.

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When Israel starves Palestinian families held in the Gaza concentration camp and constructs with American money illegal Berlin Walls in the West Bank, it wins Israel no friends. The Wall serves to keep the press out, hiding Israeli atrocities.

Sheffield area MPs should be loyal to UK interests and support the rule of law and should, therefore, resist Israeli pressure to export UK arms to Israel, until Israel stops her oppression of Palestinian families, causing global anger, recognises international law and respects the United Nations and human rights.

Sheffields voters wish to know if their MPs respect the law and human rights for others.

GB, Rotherham