OPINION: Your Star Your Say!

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strike puts us all at risk

DON’T put the pan on for your tea if you’ve had the temerity to enjoy a Bank Holiday tipple this weekend – that’s the advice from the Fire Brigades Union as its members go on strike – again.

Throughout this Bank Holiday weekend, firefighters will down tools and walk out, leaving the general public in harm’s way.

They think the risk to life is worth it, because the Government, they say, is wrong to ask them to work until they’re 60, and wrong to ask them to pay more to service their pension pot.

Police officers, meanwhile, are doing their bit without fuss. Those earning over £27,000 now pay – 14.25% (a 0.75% increase)but of course, police cannot strike.

Theirs is a ‘gold-plated’ pension, say some. The best in the public sector, but Sheffield mourned five members of one family this week, killed in a house fire. God help them if something similar happens while they’re on strike. For the record, I think they’re worth what they’re asking - pay them! However, I fear for people’s safety during the strikes. Yes, they put their lives on the line, but that doesn’t give them the right to put ours on the line, too.

by James Mitchinson