Opinion: Your General Election

Have your say

Parliament has been dissolved and the General Election campaign has now begun in earnest.

Like it or not, you won’t be able to escape politics for the next six weeks.

And the reality is that most of us don’t like it; we’re heartily sick of professional politicians, cynical about hollow promises and convinced that whatever party is in power, little changes.

But politics affects us all. How often the bins are emptied, whether the roads are gritted, how many pupils are in your child’s class at school - it’s all politics.

The Star aims to bust the boredom and deliver election coverage that is relevant to you and your family.

We start today in Hillsborough.

We’ve asked real voters what their priorities are and, guess what, it’s the little things that matter to most people - parking and public toilets in this case. Not the issues you’re likely to hear thrashed out in the big TV debates.

Over the next six weeks we’ll be getting under the skin of all our constituencies, just as a local media organisation should. Get involved. Write to us or contact us @SheffieldStar or via facebook.

They work for you, don’t forget, so have your say.