Opinion: Yorkshire Day - Proud of God’s Own County

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WE have a lot to be proud about here in Yorkshire.

The county boasts some of the finest countryside in the country and our industrial heartlands created the nation’s wealth.

We have produced some of Britain’s finest artists and actors, sportsmen and scientists.

Yes, we have a lot to be proud of.

The trouble is we are not very good at telling people about it.

It is not that Yorkshire folk are especially modest, it is just that we take all of our wonders for granted.

But today, Yorkshire Day, we decided to break the mould a little and share with our readers our pride in this great, vast and varied county of ours.

Through the pages of today’s Star can be found good news, great views and even a poem or two extolling the virtues of what we all know to be God’s Own County, Yorkshire.

We have put together two full pages of your photographs, taken around Yorkshire and showing just why we are proud of our county.

And we have been speaking to prominent residents from Yorkshire to ask them why this county is so special to them.

It has been a rewarding exercise and we hope you agree that it shows that there really is a lot to be proud about here in Yorkshire.

And for once, let’s not take the wonders of Yorkshire for granted.

Join us in celebrating everything which is great about God’s Own County!

This is what could save businesses

IN these days of economic hardship, businesses are constantly looking to ways of minimising their costs.

That is why we are sure the work of South Yorkshire-based V04HOME will be closely studied by firms across our region. They have come up with a way of regulating electricity consumption to cut costs.

That is the kind of development which would be welcome at any time. But when firms are finding it increasingly difficult to operate as the recession continues to take its toll, it is just the kind of thing which can mean the difference between collapse and survival.

Public service

IT cannot be easy being a local councillor. People can be quite demanding of their time and attention.

But that is the price of public service. And we feel that it is something parish councillors at Bradfield ought to consider after ruling that their phone numbers should not be made public.

They were keen enough to engage with the public when seeking their votes, they ought to be equally upfront now that they are serving on the council and welcome the chance to speak to their electors.