Opinion: Why it is so difficult for students to find part-time jobs.

Part-time work is hard to obtain with no experience.
Part-time work is hard to obtain with no experience.
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Part-time work is hard to come by, and is even harder for those who lack any previous work experience.

A topic that is often infuriating students up and down the country is the process of applying for part-time work.

When an individual turns 16 they are often encouraged by their parents to get a job. However, when they spend their precious time and money filling in application forms and personally handing in CV's they are often ignored by potential employers.

Having first hand experience of this and hearing stories of those who have been in similar situations, it is demoralising.

A similar cyclical process, is that often companies want to employ those with relevant work experience, understandably.

This then proves to be difficult if you are looking for your first part-time job, as no one wishes to employ you as you have no experience.

And only a rare, kind few are willing to take you on without experience and provide appropriate training.

In an ideal world it would be brilliant if companies would be more open to employing students without any experience and teach them the necessary skills required to succeed.

Or maybe, simply responding to the fact that the application and CV have been received in the first place would be an excellent start.