OPINION: Why do such idiots exist?

Tree felled on Milton Road in Barnsley
Tree felled on Milton Road in Barnsley
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Don’t worry, I’m not attempting to be all profound in asking: ‘why do such idiots exist?’ I suppose what I am doing is letting out a howl of despair after learning that some moron has taken it upon themselves to ruthlessly hack down dozens of perfectly healthy trees in and around Elsecar Park.

Thirty-five perfectly healthy specimens have had their lives cut short, some of which had been in situ for 30 years or more.

But who would do such a thing? What could possibly motivate any right-minded individual to pick up a saw and maraud around their community destroying decades of natural street furniture?

If whoever is responsible for this grotesque act of vandalism has buckets of energy to burn then they should call Sheffield City Council and offer their services free of charge – there’s plenty to be getting on with without wrecking the landscape that others regard very fondly.

You have to remember that this isn’t just knocking over a wheelie bin, or kicking someone’s fence in – the usual pastimes of the brain-dead amoebas that lurk under cover of darkness – this represents the destruction of a habitat. It’s an assault upon people’s quality of life. If the same thing were to happen in my community I would be incandescent with anger.

I dare say there will be residents who have shed a tear at seeing their beloved trees destroyed, be it in sadness, anger or both.

I only hope that someone knows who did this, and that they are caught.

They must then be forced to replant every single last root killed by their hand in a period of hard labour – until the job is done!