Opinion: Union gives us options

The Star: Opinion.
The Star: Opinion.
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When money is tight and your options are limited, a payday loan can seem like an attractive option.

Instant cash is a quick fix but the long-term consequences can be frightening. In extreme cases, the interest rate can climb to 4,000 per cent and that is a price nobody wants to pay. Thankfully, there is an alternative and more people need to know about it. Action Desk today tells us how the Sheffield Credit Union can offer new members a loan in as little 48 hours. And the interest rates charged by the not-for-profit organisation are 26.7 per cent, which is typically paid off over 46 weeks. All of which sounds more appealing than a mountain of debt with little chance of repaying. It is certainly worth considering using the Credit Union and the more members it has the more options it can offer.

Good deeds well done

Volunteers are the lifeblood of so many organisations in this city and their contribution deserves recognition. So we are delighted that the efforts of helpers at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust have earned the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service - the highest possible accolade of its kind. The charity now has 120 regular helpers, aged from 16 to over 70, who offer hands-on experiences of this working farm. Their contribution of time, energy and enthusiasm helps make the farm such a favourite among people across the city. Congratulations to all concerned, this is a job well done.

Role model

Champion squash player Nick Matthew is the next Sheffield Legend to join the city’s Walk of Fame outside the Town Hall. The two-time World Champion and Double Commonwealth Games gold medallist thoroughly deserves this honour. He is an excellent role model for young people and has helped promote Sheffield’s international reputation for sporting excellence. Keep up the good work Nick – you are doing your city proud.