Opinion: Time to rule the roost

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We’e got a lot to thank the Scots for..

The referendum has sparked the long overdue debate on whether the English regions are getting a fair deal from a very London-centric Government.

In fairness, it’s not a new concept – remember regional assemblies – but it does seem to be gaining momentum as the south becomes richer and, sadly, the north appears to become poorer.

Directly elected mayors – including in Doncaster – and police commissioners are part of moves – whether universally successful or not – towards more local accountability.

Taking that concept further and being able to have more say over key areas currently decided hundreds of miles away in the capital is very attractive.

It’s the people of Sheffield who understand the need for better transport links, more affordable housing where locals want to live, increased support for wealth and job-creating local businesses.

These are the sort of issues that matter to Sheffield. At the moment our future is in their hands. It should be in ours, no question.

A one-size-fits-all approach to major policies orchestrated centrally does not work.

We’ve been a London suburb for too long.