Opinion: the £6 billion fantasy tunnel

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WHAT possible reason could there be for a Government promising to connect Sheffield via a SIX BILLION POUND tunnel, to, erm, Manchester?

Let’s just put that into perspective for a moment: the Channel Tunnel cost less than that and connects Britain to France. For £6 billion I’d hope to disembark at Oxford Street, London!

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So are we to believe that somebody somewhere is serious about this, and that there is a business plan that will return said investment to tax payers before someone invents a car in which we can fly over the peaks and troughs of the the Snake and Woodhead passes?

Or should we all remain somewhat sceptical that this may not be a genuine offer to the people of Sheffield and Manchester? Does this seeming pipe dream represent something else?

Anyone who has navigated those roads knows that they are inadequate and in dire need of improvement.

But if anyone reading this believes a fast-track tunnel will be torn through the guts of the beautiful landscape that lies between these two great cities, then they’re as bonkers as this whole idea is.