OPINION: Stop moron at all costs

Aaron Cawley
Aaron Cawley
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You may recognise this man.

He’s the moron who ran on to the Hillsborough turf in his infinite wisdom to crack goalkeeper Chris Kirkland square in the face. The attack took place when Leeds United played Sheffield Wednesday back in October 2012. Such is his arrogance that his Twitter feed has this week been filled with vitriol suggesting he will be back in Sheffield this weekend – and nobody, according to him, can stop him. Now, the people of this city, be they Owls, Blades or otherwise will surely not allow that to happen. I understand that rivalries between Sheffield’s football clubs mean more than I can comprehend. I also understand that the rivalry between the cities of Sheffield and Leeds extend to more than simply football. But I would like to think that every right-thinking person of Sheffield will be on red-alert to identify Aaron Cawley and call the police when they see him. Leeds United fans ought to be more concerned than anyone, particularly with one high-profile manager previously keen to have ALL LUFC fans banned from attending away matches – branding them ‘vile animals’. That was in the heat of the moment, and I’m sure Dave Jones himself would agree that the majority of all football fans – be they Leeds United followers or otherwise – are there to support their teams in the right and proper fashion. One ‘AlexSwfcOsborne’ summed it up perfectly for me when he wrote: “ I don’t know how Aaron Cawley expects to go to the game. The stewards will stop him, the police will stop him, SWFC fans will stop him and even majority of LUFC fans will.” I hope he’s right.