Opinion: steel women inspire us

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Bravery and inspiration of the highest order deserves the ultimate recognition and Sheffield’s Women Of Steel will finally get it – with a £150,000 statue in their honour.

And it’s in no small part thanks to YOU, our readers.

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These women juggled families and heavy industry to make the bullets and bombs for their men to win the fight for freedom in two world wars.

In peacetime they were unceremoniously dumped from their jobs and their vital role on the home front was all but forgotten.

That was until The Star, at the heart of the community, backed the council’s Women Of Steel appeal. Four years ago we escorted some of the women from WW2, now in their 90s, to Downing Street.

There, they were all publicly thanked for the first time by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Today we are proud to announce that your fundraising efforts we have reported have smashed the £150,000 target for a permanent statue in their honour and stands at £170,000, with extra plans for “legacy initiatives”.

Let nobody underestimate the determination of The Star, our readers, city businesses, organisations and individuals – inspired by the true grit of the past. Well done folks. You’ve made us proud!