Opinion split on Sheffield's new cinema

The light Cinema
The light Cinema
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Reaction has been mixed over Sheffield's newest cinema which opens later this month.

Star readers have been taking to our Facebook page to have their say on our story of the behind the scenes look at the £8 million The Light cinema on The Moor.

Some readers believe that the cinema will bring in good jobs and help out local business in Sheffield.

Rebbecca Houghton said: "This is an amazing development for Sheffield town to renovate it.

"And on the plus side they're using local produce- our cow Molly ice cream and kelham island brewery. Bringing jobs to Sheffield, and trade. Sheffield can't be fixed in a day but this will help, it will bring revenue to a cash strapped council!"

Sarah Louise Cowley stated: "Looking forward to this opening. It will bring in some much needed jobs and money into the city."

However, some readers were less than happy with the news a new cinema is set to open.

On Facebook Steffani Powell said: "Because this is exactly what Sheffield needed....another cinema....not like we've already got 5 or anything..."

A similar view came from Simon Clarke. He stated: "Wow, a cinema within 400m of Sheffield's premier independent cinema, that's great thinking.

"Add in the lack of parking and anything else to do in that area of town at the same time and that's a dead duck. Kiss that 8 million goodbye".

Similar concerns came from residents who think that the lack of free city parking in comparison to Meadowhall might cause an issue.

Sarah Williams said: " People will still prefer to go to Vue and Cineworld for the free parking/tram etc

David Swan added: "Unfortunately with no tram access and not many buses going near it and with no where free to park your car I think it might struggle"

Phillip Levick was upset at the negative comments. He said: "Can't believe the negative comments, no wonder this city is stuck in a rut"

There were other comments which suggested that the Odeon cinema would continue to be their favourite because of the price of tickets there.

Leigh Birch-Garth added: " I don't go to the cinema that often but when I do I go to Odeon because it's £5.50 nice and cheap."

"For a the people moaning all I can say is go to Leeds and see how the city centre has been redeveloped over the last 5-10 years

"Sheffield is 10 years behind every one"