OPINION: Special event for the city

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Special event for the city

Sheffield’s ‘City of Sport’ title has taken somewhat of a beating in recent years to say the least.

So it is always heartening when a major event is announced for the city, which will bring people from across the country into our area.

The GB Special Olympics summer games will see to 10,000 visitors arrive in Sheffield and provide a £1.5 million boost to the local economy.

With an Opening Ceremony that is just under three years away the Games will boast more than 2,000 athletes and 5,000 spectators.

Around 500 volunteers will also be recruited.

Certainly the demolition of Don Valley Stadium and the cancellation of the half marathon shone a negative light on the city’s sporting offering.

However, a brilliant hosting of the Tour de France’s Stage 2 finish was more in keeping with Sheffield’s previous track record.

The GB Special Olympics are a major event and all those attending will hopefully have a wonderful experience of the city.

Thousands of athletes and spectators have enjoyed taking part in sport in Sheffield over the years in competitions large and small. Let’s hope this is the start of more events coming here.