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The Star: Opinion.
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The letters sent home from the First World War featured elsewhere on this page are startling for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they offer a unique insight into the minds of ordinary Sheffield people who were suddenly thrust into an extraordinary way of life. There’s also the matter-of-fact way they communicate with loved ones back in the city, from what must have been the depths of hell on foreign fields. But most of all there are the sad tales of what happened to many of these ‘ordinary’ folk - people just like you and I. Their sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten - and hopefully archives like this will help to ensure that they never are.

Sad to see Mail fail

When you send a letter through the post - you expect it to arrive safely at its destination. So it’s very worrying to hear that on many occasions this simply does not happen. The Star’s front page story today highlights the large amount of post that does not get delivered every year. With the huge competition the postal service now faces from newer forms of communication such as email and text message, this revelation is not going to help them at all. It’s crucial that action is taken to renew public confidence.

Get behind hospital

If ever there was a Sheffield institution to be proud of it is the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The stories told by parents of the many children who have been cared for their stand testament to that. And many of those children have had their lives changed for the better after receiving such care. Surely nothing is more important than that. That’s why it’s so important that Sheffield people get behind the hospital now as they bid to bring improvements that will hopefully improve the lives of countless of local children in years to come. See page 16 for more details.