Opinion: Small steps to recovery

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It has to be good news for every single one of us that the number of people claiming unemployment benefit has fallen – especially, of course, for those who are now back in work or even entering the workplace for the first time. The more people earning money and finding a job, the better it is for our economy both locally and nationally. Although it is welcome news today, it would be foolhardy to ignore the experts who say it is too early to start celebrating a complete recovery ... but it is clearly a step in the right direction. No doubt there are still tough times ahead and few people in Sheffield will have failed to feel the pinch of this recession but let us all hope that there is more positive news about jobs and the economy in the weeks, months and years to come.

Battle for our Rivers

Why would anyone even think of tipping their rubbish into our rivers? Most of us find it hard to understand the attitude of such people – yet are sadly not surprised to hear river stewards and volunteers face a ‘never-ending battle’ just to clear Sheffield’s waterways of litter. The city’s rivers and surrounding areas are all too often choked with waste, spoiling them for everyone as well as killing wildlife. It is down to all of us to do our bit to protect the rivers so next time you have something you want to get rid off just put it in the nearest bin or take it to the tip. It is so simple and easy yet makes such an important difference.

Great place for studying

Applications for places at Sheffield’s two university are up this year. We should all be proud that our city continues to have huge appeal for students from all corners of Britain and across the world. A total of 5,300 freshers are arriving this month and we are sure they’ll quickly feel right at home.