Opinion: Should politics be introduced as a GCSE subject?

Politics should be introduced as a GCSE subject.
Politics should be introduced as a GCSE subject.
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Although they cannot vote in the upcoming General Election is it time to educate those who are 16 and under on the democracy that they live in?

It seems that adults brand children as being politically inferior. However, exposure to politics would make them more politically engaged.

Politics is known to a be a particularly sensitive subject and is often said to not even be discussed between family members.

But whether a person is interested in politics or not, it will affect them in their future.

In my opinion, it is time to educate children from a younger age about politics.

From the GOV.UK website, there is a list of accredited GCSE's to be available to young people in 2017, and politics does not make the list.

A petition for the introduction of Politics as a GCSE was circulated for 6 months and closed on the 28th December 2016.

The petition only managed to obtain 31,578 signatures but needed 100,000.

The government's response to the petition stated that the Citizenship Studies GCSE provided an adequate amount of information, informing students of: how to participate within a democracy, understanding the constituency parts and how the government works.

The government response also highlights the idea that GCSE history has been altered to accommodate a more political theme. Looking at history of politics and aspects such as the Magna Carta.

Which would be interesting but not all that relevant within the politics of today.

I understand politics is a difficult subject to teach.

A teacher is required to be passionate and interested enough about politics to teach the subject, but also cannot explicitly be biased towards a particular political party or ideology.

Now being of the voting age, I bombard my parents with questions about the political jargon used in party manifestos.

However, if I had been taught about current politics from a younger age I would be more aware of political lexis.

You never know, altering the curricula in this way could lead to a revolutionary increase in the number of young voters.