Opinion: Save Our Ice Cream Vans

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Banning ice cream vans which are more than five years old seems an extreme and ill-judged move.

Simply because a vehicle is of a certain age does not mean it is not roadworthy. If the van has passed its MOT it has met the legal requirements which are expected of all vehicles. Imagine if the same logic was applied to our cars. Many of us would struggle to afford a car on an 08 plate, but that is what would happen. We appreciate that the council wants to reduce the city’s carbon footprint but this ideal does not account for the reality of the situation, which is that 90 per cent of ice cream vans would be too old to comply with the new rules – and the cost of replacing them could force firms out of business. A review is pending and we trust common sense will win the day.


Health leaders have issued warnings for some time of an obesity epidemic in Britain and the risks of overeating. But sometimes there are reasons behind weight gain. Alan Apolakiatis was bullied over his size throughout his school days, making him deeply unhappy and lacking the motivation to exercise. However, recently he decided to prove the bullies wrong, embarking on a new health kick and exercise regime. Alan has now made remarkable progress, losing almost half of his body weight and proudly telling The Star of his new-found confidence. His inspiring story is proof of the huge difference that can be made by making just a few lifestyle changes.

get tough

We are pleased to see the Court Of Appeal is to review the sentence of Jordan Sheard, who was jailed for three years and six months for an attack on Steven Simpson. This disgusting case clearly merited a tougher sentence and we hope the judges will ensure bullying Sheard spends longer in jail.