Opinion: Rotherham needs a break

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Another day in Rotherham, another national news story.

Yesterday it was the launch of Ukip’s Parliamentary campaign for the town which drew in crowds of protestors - some local mums and business owners - others political supporters.

They crowded a tiny section of pavements on Wellgate, flanked by police, captured by the media, while ordinary hard-working people struggled to get past to carry on with their daily lives.

There was chanting, placard-waving and booing galore.

Such was the melee, that Ukip leader Nigel Farage did not carry out a ribbon cutting as planned, on the advice of police.

With an issue as shocking and utterly appalling as child sexual exploitation, it is only right that proper investigations take place and rigorous changes can be made - transparently.

Some people will undoubtably want a fresh start from those leaders who have presided in the town for many years.

But politicians should also act sensitively and realise just how much the good people of Rotherham have been through recently, as a result of the actions of a few.

Rotherham just needs a break.

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