Opinion: Rotherham is let down again

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“Rotherham Council is not fit for purpose. It is failing in its duties to protect vulnerable children and young people from harm.”

Could there be a more damning indictment of the people whose lack of action over child sexual exploitation has shamed this proud South Yorkshire town.

In the wake of the Jay Report the question of ‘do they get it?’ was repeatedly asked about those who presided over this scandal.

And now, with the publication yesterday of Louise Casey’s report we have our answer.

No, they didn’t ‘get it’. They continued to deny what Professor Jay set out in her report.

And they bullied or paid-off whistleblowers to maintain their silence.


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The Jay Report was meant to start a process where the perpetrators of these horrific crimes were brought to justice.

Instead the new report found that the council is still very much in denial about Professor Jay’s findings. How is this possible?

While the rest of the country was shocked at the scale of the abuse how can the very people who are in a position to do something about it go into self-protection mode?

A set of fresh elections will be held in 2016 – they can hardly come soon enough.