Opinion: Rotherham Council meeting wasn’t convincing

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Rotherham Council’s first cabinet meeting since the child sex scandal report produced a far from convincing display from the town’s elected representatives and officers.

With the public and media spotlight firmly on them there didn’t seem to be anyone willing to take responsibility for dereliction of duties.

Deputy leader of the council Paul Lakin, who chaired the meeting, was most strong in his condemnation of former Labour colleague Shaun Wright saying it was ‘shameful’ that Mr Wright hadn’t resigned his position of Police and Crime Commissioner.

Less forceful was his cross-examining of children’s services boss Joyce Thacker who he gave a series of relatively comfortable questions to.

Indeed, Mrs Thacker was less than impressive when describing cultural differences to under-age sex as ‘unacceptable’ rather than ‘illegal’ or against the law of the land.

The people of Rotherham are angry and hurting right now and they want to know that their community leaders can restore the town’s name.

Wednesday’s meeting wasn’t a great start to that process and provided more questions than answers as to whether these people are fit to be in office.