Opinion: Response time was too long

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An 89-year-old woman left waiting for almost an hour on a sodden high street as she waiting for an ambulance to treat her injuries brings up wider issues than the response time.

It’s impossible to say with any certainty why the ambulance took so long. But one thing is for sure, an hour is too long.

According to a statement released by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust it was a ‘very busy afternoon’.

That may be the case, but it makes you wonder how the lady’s case was prioritised. If someone approaching their 10th decade cannot get an ambulance in just short of an hour, how long would it have taken had the patient been significantly younger?

We understand resources are stretched and The Star has already reported on a plan to use police cars as make-shift ambulances during busy times.

Thankfully people at the scene recognised the lady’s plight and – not wanting to move her in case of making her injuries worse – covered her with coats and put an umbrella over her while they waited for an ambulance.

But in these days of joined up thinking couldn’t the police have gone to her aid? It’sea questions which deserves an answer.