Opinion: Report must be the focus

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In the clamour for heads to roll over the Rotherham sex abuse scandal there is a danger of forgetting the major findings of the report.

Put in the most bleakest of terms children were abused in the town on an almost industrial scale.

The more details emerge, as people read the report by Professor Alexis Jay, the more people’s anger is growing.

On Wednesday night the pressure was on South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright to resign.

Mr Wright knew about the abuse in 2005 when he was a councillor sitting on Rotherham Council’s cabinet and had responsibility for children’s services.

There have been calls from across the political spectrum and among the public for Mr Wright to resign as it seems he cannot be forced from his post.

Others, too, will have to consider whether they are suited to being in positions where the welfare of children is at stake.

While this blame game is taking shape let’s not forget the girls whose lives will never be the same.

Also, this kind of abuse is happening today. The report isn’t the end of it. We all have a responsibility to protect society’s most vulnerable members.

This is one hell of a wake up call.