OPINION: protect our city assets

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Woodthorpe Development does great work helping some of our city’s residents who are most in need. They support children to achieve their goals, help adults improve their education and job prospects as well as easing the enormous strain of loneliness which affects so many of our elderly folk. So it is a great shame that they might lose their popular centre on Richmond Road – even though they have managed to get the building officially registered as a community asset. It clearly is an asset to so many people and it would be a real tragedy to see that work come to an end. There is still hope that they will somehow find the money needed to buy the property for the Trust, but it must be hard to remain optimistic. When many of us are still angry about losing Don Valley – another great community asset – this city must do all it can to protect the rest.

warning on fake Booze

As students settle back into Sheffield life we hope they heed the council’s illegal alcohol warning. They are being urged to be aware of the dangers of cheap booze as part of an ongoing crackdown. Recent raids on off licences selling fake drinks have found bottles containing substances including chloroform – an anaesthetic – and toxic chemicals which can send people into a coma or cause blindness. We’ve all enjoyed a joke about bad hangovers but this is a serious message.

young mums are concern

The number of teenage mothers in Sheffield has fallen, a new council report has revealed – but a higher proportion of pregnant girls under 16 are opting to keep their babies. Whether teens should be encouraged to have abortions is a highly controversial issue, but the root causes behind schoolgirls falling pregnant in the first place need to be tackled as a priority.