Opinion: Preserving city’s name

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The Star: Opinion.
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Once again, the good name of Sheffield is under threat and once again a government department is the source of this threat.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills is again meddling in matters it would do well to rethink. Two years ago, the same department tried to abolish hallmarking, a key form of consumer protection which has safeguarded city firms who have earned the right to put made in Sheffield on their goods. That was fought off, but now the BIS is again challenging regulations protecting the abuse of Sheffield’s name. Its Red Tape Challenge drive says Sheffield’s name should be removed from a protected list so companies who want to use the name can do so more quickly. What nonsense. The list is controlled by the Cutlers Company which responds to most requests in 48 hours. That time is key to safeguarding the name of Sheffield. The protected list must be kept and the Red tape Challenge should address more urgent issues.


The fears of the over 50s are no surprise. Cash problems and energy bills are concerns for us all as are loneliness and crime. But the findings of a survey by the Sheffield 50+ organisation also shows a resilience typical of this region. Whatever their fears, this age group remains positive and rates their quality of life as good or very good. It is this spirit which keeps us all going despite such trying times.


The Star is part of the “glue” that holds this city together, informing the people about what is going on, challenging the politicians and those in power and campaigning to improve our lives. It is not just us that is saying it, but during local newspapers week it is what our readers are telling us. We are proud to 
continue that role.